Landscape Architects

SDG exists to harness the super power of Landscape Architecture to create experiences that provoke
a profound connection to our environment.


Seferian Design Group

Established in 1992, Seferian Design Group (SDG) advocates a holistic approach to landscape architecture and design. SDG is an award-winning landscape architectural firm based in Burlington, Ontario with experience in public and private sectors across Canada and the U.S. SDG approaches each project with a highly skilled and integrated team of Landscape Architects that foster a collaborative and energetic approach to design. Through fearless creativity, our team believes it is both the opportunity and responsibility of design to make communities come alive.

Our work inspires community, creates place-making, improves lives, sparks relationships, fosters interaction with the environment, and creates unforgettable personal moments.

At SDG our team believes that at the core of all our work is the belief that we can do better and be better. Through design we aim to put our
permanent mark on the relationship between our place in nature and nature’s place in our lives. This is why our team envisions, creates, and
designs spaces for life. Spaces that boldly and creatively connect us,
our communities, and our environments.

Design is dynamic and our work is always influenced by a holistic vision. Our team pushes boundaries and seeks the most creative design
solutions as we have learnt over our history that our clients expect fresh and unique ideas.

We believe design is a dynamic and integrated process. Our approach to landscape architecture is to enhance the cultural, recreational, ecological, and environmental features of a space to ensure long-term sustainability and community interaction.