Appleby College Living Shoreline Restoration Project featured in both CSLA and ASLA Landscape Architecture Magazines

Our Appleby College living shoreline restoration project was featured in both the CSLA-AAPC Landscape Paysages magazine and the ASLA Landscape Architecture Magazine! The project, led by our Senior Landscape Architect, Brad Smith, involved the stabilization of the college’s 400m shoreline, protecting the surrounding riparian and intertidal environment, improving the quality via filtration of upland run-off, creating a habitat for aquatic and terrestrial species (such as the endangered American eel), and aiding a vital ecosystem to support and promote biodiversity. SDG worked alongside engineering team Ecosystem Recovery Inc. to create a “living shoreline”. We are so proud of our entire design team and thankful to the CSLA and ASLA for the feature articles!

“People and water are magically and magnetically connected for many wonderful reasons. The newly engineered shoreline employs both natural and semi natural shoreline strategies to protect the property and ecological landscapes from further erosion while also enhancing the existing terrestrial and aquatic habitat” – Brad Smith