Brad Smith featured in the recent publication of Ground Magazine celebrating 50 years of landscape architecture in Canada

what drew you to

What drew you to the profession of landscape architecture?

We’d barely pressed “Send” on this question when the magazine inbox began to ping with heartfelt responses that told stories of serendipity, clarity, epiphany, hope, mission, and spark. It turns out that the reasons behind the decision to pursue a career in landscape architecture are as varied as the profession itself. 

Brad Smith, OALA, Burlington

I decided that I wanted to become a landscape architect in Grade 11. My family had a vacation property in the Bruce Peninsula and, from an early age, I was fascinated with the landscape, ecology, climate, and recreational opportunities of that area. Landscape architecture brought them all together and, to this day, I approach design as a relationship between our place in nature and nature’s place in our lives. The profession has allowed me to change communities, inspire place-making opportunities, spark relationships, foster experiences with the environment, and create unforgettable personal moments