Introduction to the Outdoor Industry with Haig Seferian


Haig was the Keynote speaker at this year’s Outdoor Living Conference in associate with SOFA

Sometimes in life we are lucky enough to come across exceptional individualswho truly inspire us. This inspiration could take on many forms (business, relationships. Moral teachings, etc.), but what is true about all these figures is one very basic, but very important, ingredient: PASSION. If you have never been fortunate enough to see true passion in the eyes of an artist doing what he loves, then allow me to introduce you to Haig Seferian, for he is passion personified.

In 1992 Haig established Seferian Design Group Limited striving to attain new levels of innovative design. His goal has been to provide workable and imaginative solutions to the process of site development. Solutions that are functional, aesthetically pleasing and sustainable.

Seferian has a long list of achievements including host of HGTV’s Garden Architecture, author of Hardscaping: High Style, Low Maintenance Outdoor Spaces. Every year Haig is contracted to travel throughout the United States where he lectures about unique design applications and new construction techniques. Haig is also the founding member of the Certified Landscape Designer Association and has served as Professor of Landscape Architecture at Humber College and Professor at Landscape Ontario’s School of Horticulture.

“Facinated by wealth of knowledge being shared by Haig Seferian, Seferian Design Group @VisitSOFA. Getting us to imagine the potential when indoor and outdoor professionals combine creativity and expertise.” ~ Donna Barlett