SDG provides new landscape architecture for Conestoga College’s Guelph and Waterloo Campuses.

SDG breathes new life into the campuses at Conestoga College by refreshing the landscape architecture!

At the Guelph campus, our Indigenous-inspired courtyard provides a vibrant space for students to connect with nature and culture. SDG worked closely with Conestoga’s Indigenous group to create a space that included Indigenous elements such as wood and stone surrounding a central gathering circle and native plants. A mural is also set to be added to one of the walls with art developed by an Indigenous artist.

Meanwhile, at the Waterloo campus, the Indigenous theme continues as our concept for the outdoor gathering spaces will incorporate Indigenous design, storytelling, and culture to create a warm, welcoming, and comfortable environment. Some of the cultural design elements will include shade structures and shade relief within the courtyard space, gardens for plant medicines, Indigenous trees and cultural markers, inspirational paving materials and suggestions for site furnishing for gathering and event spaces. The Waterloo campus is currently under construction with the first phase expected to be complete at the end of this year and the second phase slated for spring 2025.

From concept to completion, SDG’s commitment to sustainability enhances student experiences and supports Conestoga’s mission of providing cutting-edge education in harmonious environments.