SDG receives two 2023 Hamilton Urban Design Awards

SDG is thrilled to receive two Hamilton Urban Design Awards for our impactful projects – The Kirkendall Coach House and Ancaster Memorial Arts Centre. These projects stand as testaments to our commitment to enhancing Hamilton’s urban fabric. From the revitalization and enhancement of cultural spaces to the creation of modern functional dwellings, each project resonates deeply within the community. The Kirkendall Coach House preserves heritage while offering contemporary living solutions, contributing to the area’s character and livability. Meanwhile, the Ancaster Memorial Arts Centre, with it’s 470 seat Peller Hall, the Woortman Studio Theatre, and multiple rooms for art, film, theatre and dance, stands as a cultural hub, fostering creativity and engagement and enriching the city’s artistic landscape. We’re honoured to be recognized for projects that empower and enrich Hamilton’s diverse communities.

These awards would not have been possible without the dedication and hard work of our team, consultants, and the support from the Hamilton community.

Kirkendall Coach House Project Team:
–         The Cubitt Family
–         Invizij Architects Inc.
–         T.Johns Consulting Group
–         Kalos Engineering Inc.
–         CK Engineering Inc.
–         Just Working Construction Inc.
–         Seferian Design Group
Ancaster Memorial Arts Centre Project Team:
–         City Of Hamilton
–         Ancaster Memorial Arts Centre
–         Invizij Architects Inc.
–         Kalos Engineering Inc.
–         Smith + Andersen
–         S. Llewellyn & Associates Ltd.
–         Novita Techne Limited
–         Thornton Tomasseti
–         Swallow Acoustic Consultants Ltd.
–         Steelcore Construction Contractors
–         Seferian Design Group