Alyson Kennedy

B.Des., MLA, OALA Associate, Landscape Designer

Alyson Kennedy

Alyson graduated Guelph University with a Masters in Landscape Architecture. She was first introduced to the field of Landscape Architecture during her time at OCAD University. The juxtaposition of merging-built features with the natural landscape fascinated her and inspired her to pursue her Masters. While her undergraduate degree focused on architecture and interior design; landscape architecture gave her the opportunity to explore public realms and open spaces. While also incorporating salutogenic design principles, joining human and environmental health together.

Her passion for outdoor recreation, evidence-based design and public spaces has guided her thesis research. She is honored to be given the opportunity to draft a paper for the 7th FABOS Conference on Landscape and Greenway Planning. Her report is exploring the health-promoting characteristics of urban green spaces and the promotion of physical activity, well-being, and stress reduction.
Having started her career in a residential design-build pool company, Alyson has gained a sense of personal responsibility and appreciation when working on smaller scale projects. Her friendly approach and management skills ensure that projects come to completion and enhance` the client’s quality of life.  
She believes that landscape architecture is best performed with a holistic frame of mind, working in unity to improve the environment and tackle current issues. Understanding site characteristics and project objectives is the foundation of any project. Yet she believes it is the creativity and exploration of ideas that makes projects unique, as they are able to evolve over time, adapting to the needs of society. Great design is revealed when the configuration of a singular space can be both a place of refuge, and a place where people can come together to create memories.

Her excitement and dedication to grow as a Landscape Architect will transfer over into this role. She is looking forward to being mentored by her colleagues, as she works towards taking her LARE exams and becoming a professional Landscape Architect with the Ontario Association of Landscape Architects (OALA).

Outside of the office, Alyson loves waking up early and participating in CrossFit. She is committed to going outside every day to hike, paddle board or bike. To fuel her activities, she enjoys sharing home cooked meals with her loved ones. 

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