Vincent Fracchioni

Landscape Designer
BLA, OALA Associate, CSLA Associate

Vincent Fracchioni

Vincent is a graduate of the Bachelor of Landscape Architecture program at the University of Guelph. During his undergrad, he had a particular interest in studying cultural history and has found this learning to be complementary to his pursuit of landscape architecture. Vincent was involved in the Landscape Architecture Student Society (LASS) as a co-president and also participated in the establishment of the Canadian Association of Students of Landscape Architecture (CASLA/ACÉAP). CASLA works to connect students of all Canadian landscape architecture programs. He is currently working towards becoming a full member of the Ontario Association of Landscape Architects (OALA).

He is passionate about spaces that enhance the public realm while promoting sustainable living. Vincent’s interests lie in low-impact development strategies, urban ecology, and community design. The ways in which landscapes change and evolve over time intrigue him, and he finds purpose in considering this evolution in his design process.

With experience in landscape construction, Vincent has a well-rounded skill set that allows him to approach landscape design from both a practical and conceptual perspective. He truly enjoys the process of learning and strives to continually expand his understanding of landscape design by exploring new projects, software, and methods. Vincent’s learning aptitude is supported by his colleagues, whom he is thankful to consider as mentors during his professional development period.

On sunny days outside of the office, you can often find Vincent working on his cars, cycling, going on scenic drives, or taking photos. When the weather isn’t ideal, you might find him baking, playing the drums, or skiing whenever possible.