SDG Receives Award of Excellence in Heritage Restoration – Gage Park

Hamilton, Ontario
SDG Receives Award of Excellence in Heritage Restoration - Gage Park

On November 12, 2015 Seferian Design Group as part of a multidisciplinary team received a City of Hamilton Urban Design Award in Excellence in Heritage Restoration for their work on Gage Park.

As one of Hamilton’s most iconic and historically rich landscapes, this park was designed in the 1920’s by Landscape Architects Dunnington-Grubb (early founders of the profession of Landscape Architecture in Canada). This 28 hectare City park required substantial restoration and preservation of significant features to ensure the unique character and historical integrity of the park is well maintained for future generations.

The restoration included the reconstruction of the 1927 feature fountain and reflecting pool. The park was upgraded with the installation of new mechanical systems, LED lighting fixtures, and plant material. Personal safety and comfort was enhanced by improving sightlines, illumination, and improved park attractions. It was necessary to integrate storm water management measures and use innovative low-impact techniques without altering or impacting the Park’s design intent. Restoration materials included brick and stone that maintained the architectural features of the park. Finally, a new bicycle pump track was installed to attract new visitors to the park.

The City congratulated the approach taken by the design team to both restore this historic park and make repairs to the functional systems of the park. The restoration respects the historical design intent of the park yet provides new elements to broaden its appeal.

Large historic parks are an important public amenity in dense urban areas. Gage Park stands out as a green gem in contrast with the built form that surrounds the park. The Jury stresses the importance of sustaining adequate public investments in these parks to both preserve their important historic elements and to allow these parks to evolve to be relevant to new generations of visitors.