Final design released for Guelph’s Mico Valeriote Park

Final design released for Guelph's Mico Valeriote Park

City staff have revealed the plans for Mico Valeriote Park when it undergoes renovations later this year.

Sent to councillors in an information package last month, the master plan for the Elizabeth Street park features “an informal open space, a large playground, a water play pump, naturalization areas, seating areas, and concrete and asphalt pathways,” according to a staff report.

The final layout for the new Mico Valeriote Park comes after two different phases of community engagement last year, including having residents comment on three different designs that were put forward and voice their desires for what they wanted for the park.

The final design takes into account one of the previously released layouts, but takes into account the feedback staff received, including the addition of a walking path along the perimeter of the park.

The park’s wading pool, which was originally built in 1974, is to be removed this year. Following a report to council last year, it was decided to remove the pool as it does not comply with the city’s Water Efficiency Strategy, is at the end of its life cycle and requires ongoing costly maintenance.

In this year’s capital budget, $450,000 has been allocated for the implementation of the master plan, as well as the construction for the new park. Staff anticipate that the park will be finished and open to the public by the fourth quarter of 2018.