Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (BLA), Junior Landscape Designer

Lauren Mac Isaac

Lauren is a 3rd year student at the University of Guelph, pursuing a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture as well as a Minor in Sustainable Business and Certificate of Environmental Citizenship. She is currently a student member of the OALA and hopes to become a full member upon her graduation in 2023.


Between semesters, Lauren has spent the past few summers working in landscape maintenance and design build. This hands-on experience has given her a deeper understanding of landscapes as well as horticulture applications. Growing up in the countryside, Lauren has an appreciation for the outdoors and how humans interact with the environment. She is particularly interested in its effects on health and mental well-being, and keeps this in mind when approaching design challenges.


Lauren has a passion for sustainability, and seeks to apply it to everyday life. She volunteers with Sustainable UoG, a sustainability-focused organisation at the University of Guelph. She expands this knowledge through classes focused on sustainable development and environmental health, and is always searching for its intersections with the profession of landscape architecture.


Outside of work and school, Lauren enjoys hiking, finding new spots to watch the sunset, snowboarding in the winter, and expressing her creativity through art and sustainable fashion.