Tomas Pimentel

Titan Microsystems Network Engineer and Security Analyst

Tomas Pimentel

Tomas, a true prodigy, started young in the technology field by playing with cables and soldering circuits instead of toys at the age of 3. His passion for technology continued throughout high school, where he excelled in science and mathematics courses.

After graduation, He furthered his computer technology education studying at Niagara College.

As a Senior Technician, Tomas is responsible for a wide range of tasks, including evaluating new technology and determining whether system upgrades are necessary, deploying endpoint systems and servers, managing Microsoft 365 admin portals, troubleshooting software and hardware issues to minimize downtime and maximize productivity. With his in-depth knowledge of IT systems and his ability to quickly solve complex problems, Tomas and the Titan-Micro Team have become valuable assets to the Seferian Design Group Team.

Outside of work, Tomas enjoys the challenge of repairing vehicles and has a passion for creating EDM music. Additionally, he has a keen eye for design and enjoys taking on home renovation projects, bringing new life to old spaces.