Toronto French School Naturalization Project

Toronto French School Naturalization Project

School Ground Greening + Design

In 2015, TFS retained Seferian Design Group (SDG) to develop a master plan for the Mississauga campus. By the end of 2015, the first phase of this major project was concluded with the construction of a play yard designed for kindergarten students.

An opportunity to develop within the adjacent City property known as Petrescue Park was identified and offered an interesting perspective for the development of this open space. The main goal was to provide an activity, eco-friendly, naturalized landscaped space where community and students can safely play and experiment.


The method is to balance fields and open space with variations in topography, ground surface and vegetation, combining built and natural features with a wide range of elements to provide different looks, sensory experiences and recreational opportunities. While children are the target for active and educational recreation, the programming includes uses for other age groups as well. The City of Mississauga embraced this vision and is currently assisting SDG in providing a place where the well-being is boosted by increased interaction with nature.