Mico Valeriote Park

Guelph, Ontario


Mico Valeriote Park is 0.73 hectares (1.8 acres) in size and was dedicated to the City in 1973. This neighbourhood park is well-used in the established Ward 1 Neighbourhood. Overall the City heard that the following were important: a shaded, accessible play area, a water pump like at Exhibition Park, walking pathways with seating, a shelter, naturalized (unmaintained) areas, preservation of existing trees and a large open space for active recreation. In the Preferred Concept Plan the wading pool and existing playground will be removed and replaced, and the mature vegetation will be preserved. The goal of the Park Master Plan is to improve the functionality and aesthetic of the park while creating a sense of place and welcoming. It is critically important that the newly expanded park accomplish and address the following:

  • Encourage healthy and active lifestyles;
  • Embrace and create a unique place that includes a diversity of uses, users, and functions;
  • Be family friendly, accessible, safe, secure, active, and sustainable;
  • Manage expectations of the community and make a plan that is financially feasible;
  • Allow for optimum facility operation and maintenance efficiency;
  • Comply with local and municipal policies, including but not limited to the Guelph Facility Accessibility Design Manual;
  • Enhance connectivity and create a destination within Ward 1.

Building on the original three concepts, the Preferred Concept Plan contains the following design features:

  • Perimeter 3.0m wide asphalt pathway (10m setback from property lines)
  • Secondary 1.83m wide concrete pathways
  • Junior and senior playground spaces (20m setback from property lines)
  • Increased seating
  • Increased site furnishings (trash receptacles, bike rack)
  • New plantings for shade
  • Naturalization planting areas (5m setback from property lines)
  • Areas for relaxation and quiet contemplation
  • Open grass areas for active unprogrammed recreation
  • Water pump feature
  • Enhanced park entrance to create a sense of arrival


Location: Guelph, ON

Size: .73 ha

Client: City of Guelph

Project Team:
SDG, Landscape Architects
YWI, Contractor
Park N Play, Playground Design and Installation
Mantecon Partners Inc., Electrical Engineering
IDM Consultants Inc, Civil Engineering

Services Provided: Concept Design, Detailed Design, Tender/Specifications, Contract Administration, Public Consultation, Post Occupancy Evaluation


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