101 Victoria Condominium

Whitby, Ontario


Seferian Design Group created a streetscape concept for the Condominium that took into consideration the growing population of Port Whitby in the coming decades and the significant grade changes along the side of the property. Raised planters were proposed between each of the commercial entrances to help retain the grade and also create a small entry plaza for each new business.

Seferian Design Group also came up with a Heritage Concept for a public art piece to be located on the corner of Victoria and Brock St. The three-dimensional art piece would represent the development of the Port Whitby community, playing on the themes of the early residential development of Port Windsor in the 1830s, and its eventual integration with the larger town of Whitby. The public art piece not only will add heritage value but the distinctive form and colours will catch the eyes of passers-by creating a landmark at the corner of Brock and Victoria Streets. The heritage feature will also help with wayfinding, as visitors will be able to locate themselves within the map of Port Whitby and understand where they are in relation to features like Lake Ontario and Highway 401. Lastly, the height of the sculpture allows people to casually sit on the highest points, and safely walk or climb over the rest, encouraging greater interaction with the piece.


Location: Whitby, ON

Size: 0.26 ha

Project Team:
Seferian Design Group (Landscape Architects),
ABA Architects (Architects), MOBCO Developments (Developer),
Malone Given Parsons Ltd. (Planner),
Jablonsky, Ast and Partners (Structural Engineer),
DEI & Associates Inc. (Mechanical and Electrical Engineer),
MTE Consultants (Civil Engineer),
Trans-Plan (Traffic Engineer).

Services Provided: Tree Management Plan and Site Plan Approval.