Hamilton Trails Master Plan Update (City-Wide)

Hamilton, Ontario
6. Hamilton Trails Master Plan Update (City-Wide)


Seferian Design Group was retained in 2015 to assist the City of Hamilton in undertaking a comprehensive review and update of their Recreational Trails Master Plan document and its proposed trail initiatives for all 15 city wards.

Public feedback was a significant component of this process and our team facilitated six (6) public consultation events throughout the spring, summer, and fall of 2015. The existing trail network within the City has provided a strong fabric of multi-use trails that complement the on-road routes identified in the City’s Transportation Master Plan. The planning process for new trail initiatives included a thorough review of the existing network and in total over 86 kilometers of new trails have been proposed.

Proposed initiatives are to connect and provide users access to parks, schools, planned neighbourhoods, conservation areas, the waterfront, transit stations, the escarpment, and work together with existing trails and trail initiatives to alleviate gaps within the network. The purpose of the Trails Master Plan update was to:

  • Connect significant environmental, cultural features and parks while preserving their natural heritage values and ecological functions enhancing their public appreciation.
  • Connect major urban and rural land uses by providing multi-purpose trails and integrate the system with on-street cycling and sidewalk systems
  • Connect Hamilton’s trail system to larger Provincial trail systems and those operated by adjoining Municipalities and Counties.
  • Provide a safe cycling and pedestrian environment
  • Promote physical activity and healthy lifestyles
  • Interconnect the trail system with other trail systems.


Location: Hamilton

Size: City of Hamilton (City-Wide), over 8600 ha

Client: City of Hamilton

Project Team:
SDG, Landscape Architects

Services Provided: Site visits and background review, developing the master plan and finalizing the updated trails master plan.