Armenian Genocide Memorial

Toronto, Ontario
Armenian Genocide Memorial Concept Design


The Armenian Genocide resulted in the annihilation of 1,500,000 Armenians and the rupture of the Armenian physical and cultural presence. As the single most profound event in modern Armenian history, it informs the identity of all Armenians; and their resolve to never forget the losses suffered by their ancestors serves to strengthen the connections to the past, and the determination to reemerge and to forge a great future.
This monument can be understood as a physical metaphor for the wholesale extermination of the Armenian people, the destruction of their extraordinary cultural achievements and the necessary recovery and reconstruction of the nation. It is designed to offer the viewer an experiential and interactive journey, crafted to expose the human and cultural losses suffered by this ancient and creative people. It is structured around a temporal path, punctuated by a series of distinct stages and spaces. Monument elements are scaled to agree with the streetscape, and the landscaping is designed to create a distinctive and separate space that will connect to the Glendale community and offer a place for solace and reflection. The memorial will serve as the backdrop for large gatherings on special commemorative occasions.


Location: Toronto, ON

Client: Armenian Toronto Community

Project Team:
SDG, Landscape

Services Provided: Concept Design and 3D Rendering.


“More than 1,500 Gather in Toronto to Honor Armenian Member of Turkish Parliament Garo Paylan” The Armenian Weekly, May 1, 2017.